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Kayla P.

Em-K Corgis was so wonderful. She explained the entire process to me because I had never bought a puppy from a breeder before. The whole transaction was seamless. All details line out on the table before committing to anything. I would use her again when we go to look for a second dog. Absolutely love love love this breeder. - April 2022


Amy R.

It was great, she keeps you updated through the whole process. Was very friendly and professional as well.


Shannon B.

Courtney was absolutely wonderful to work with! I can't say enough positive things! Her responses were prompt, she was knowledgeable about the breed, and she really cared about sending healthy puppies to a safe home. I really love that we got a folder packed with helpful documents to go home with. This fabulous experience was well worth the 4.5 hour drive to pick up our boy!


DorthyMarie K.

If you're thinking about getting a corgi (which you probably are because they're adorable), go to Em-K Corgis. Courtney was prompt with her responses during the entire process. She is also extremely knowledgable and I had no problem picking her brain on advice for settling in. She also offers puppy training where your puppy will stay an additional 2 weeks to go over a few basic commands, name recognition, and crate training if applicable, I decided to utilize it and I'm SO glad I did. Pebbles at 10 weeks already knows how to sit, lie down, and wait for her food. She was already so comfortable with the create. She didn't cry nor bark once her first night home with me. I was amazed. Highly recommend! Pebbles is already the light of my life.


Tim L.

I was really pleased by how much care went into the adoption. There was a lot of communication back and forth during the whole process and even after. The information packet that came with Samwise was especially nice and answered a lot of extra questions I had.

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